Supplier shall ensure that NDT inspection personnel are qualified per relevant requirements.

Supplier shall notify Regasa Aerospace, Inc., of any non-conforming product and arrange with Regasa for disposition of any non- conforming product.

Supplier must notify Regasa of changes in product and/or process definition, and where required, obtain Regasa approval.

Supplier must allow right of access by Regasa Aerospace, the customer of Regasa, and regulatory authorities to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records.

Supplier is required to flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements in purchasing documents.

Supplier is required to retain records on behalf of Regasa for a period of at least 1+10 years or as specified on the purchase order.

The supplier shall promptly notify Regasa Aerospace, in writing, of changes in the supplier’s name, ownership, or management representative with assigned authority and responsibility for the supplier’s quality system; of any change in the QMS which may affect the inspection, conformity, or airworthiness of the product; of any action taken against the seller by another of its customers, or by any government agency; or any change in the supplier’s manufacturing facility location.

Supplier shall notify Regasa when:

  • Supplier or supplier’s sub-tiers are found to be non-compliant to Regasa’s specifications.
  • Supplier’s sub-tier is found to be disapproved by supplier.
  • Supplier or supplier’s sub-tiers are disapproved by a government agency

Suppler shall notify Regasa within 24 hrs of any changes in NADCAP accreditation, and/or NDT Level II or III personnel.

Suppliers shall purchase raw materials and hardware from prime customer-approved sources. E.g. D1-4426, ASPL, or other approval listing. Material that will be produced/procured outside the USA will always require customer approved sources. Foreign supplied materials are prohibited on military aircraft.

All special processes required by this purchase order shall be performed by sources that are approved by the prime customer.

Supplier shall establish and maintain controls, when certified materials are required, to present the use of non-certified materials.

The supplier is responsible to destroy all obsolete blueprints, parts lists, inspection media, specifications and other such proprietary documents. Regasa Aerospace supplied equipment shall not be destroyed without written approval from Regasa Aerospace.

All suppliers shall have planned, implemented and controls in place in the prevention of counterfeit part use and inclusion in all products delivered to Regasa Aerospace, Inc.

Regasa Aerospace, Inc. wants to make all suppliers and personnel aware that they:

  • Contribute to the conformity of supplied products and services Contribute to the safety of supplied products and services.
  • Are aware that ethical behavior is of utmost importance in supplying products and services.


Updated 5-1-2018